Accelerate collaboration with your customers to drive innovation and gain competitive advantage.

For many B2B companies, operating in industries such as utilities and software, the biggest risks and impacts of their business lie in how large numbers of corporate customers use their products and services; and how they engage them on newer, shared value business models.

Not surprisingly, these companies face increasing pressure from regulators and pressure groups to work with their customers to reduce impacts and from shareholders to change their business models. This requires new ways of collaborating with customers, at scale.

2degrees’ Customer Collaboration Solution combines technology, expert facilitation and program management to help you build new and more valuable relationships with senior and operational managers from different companies. We do this for you via an actively managed online hub, where your customers and prospects can share best practice, case-studies, insight and innovation in order to cut costs, risks and impacts, grow and drive innovation.

Our Customer Collaboration Programs can help you to:

Gain competitive advantage for your company by differentiating your brand and enhancing your customer service proposition

Improve transparency and mutual understanding with your customers by enabling engagement and communication through an on-going dialogue

Build a much deeper understanding of your customers and the challenges they face enabling you to co-create solutions directly with them, faster and more efficiently than your competition

Build trust so you become your customers’ ‘partner of choice’

Drive innovation by lowering the cost of crowdsourcing new solutions and making the most of those already present, but hidden, in your customer-base

Generate measureable ROI captured through robust processes and data tools

Enhance your brand reputation and license to operate

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