How we do it

It’s not just our purpose-built technology that makes our online collaboration programs the solution of choice for major global brands. At the heart of all we do for our clients, is a unique combination of people, process and technology.


Our programs are managed by a dedicated team of 2degrees specialists who work in partnership with their client. Armed with subject matter knowledge and unique online facilitation expertise, they have run more value chain collaboration programs than anyone else, and have an unrivalled understanding of how to mobilize stakeholders around specific issues and common goals.


We have developed tried and tested processes that encourage companies and individuals to participate in large numbers, overcoming concerns about confidentiality, competition and lack of familiarity with new ways of working.


Client programs take place in a private, custom-branded online space that uses web 2.0 technology purpose built to support peer-to-peer collaboration between operational managers from different organizations.

The following video gives an overview of how all three work together to drive collaboration. (The example given is based on one of our Supplier Collaboration Programs):

Getting started: a low risk, staged approach to collaboration

We know that not all clients will feel ready to leap immediately into full-blown peer-to-peer collaboration. That’s why we have developed a low risk, staged process that helps our clients move, over time, in manageable steps from identifying suppliers and improving communications; to deepening engagement and responsiveness; to eventually realizing the full and scaled-up benefits of peer-to-peer collaboration.

2degrees is able to create tailored programs to suit your objectives, whether you are looking simply to start by optimizing communications with your supply base, colleagues or customers, or are ready to use the full power of peer-to-peer collaboration.

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