The Sustainable Manufacturing platform (SMP) helps make sustainable business happen. It gives supply chain owners an effective way of engaging and supporting their suppliers to cut costs, risks and environmental impacts; and helps those suppliers to collaborate at scale, accessing advice they need and solutions they can trust.

Wherever you sit in the supply chain, the SMP has your needs covered with its 3 active components:


1. Supplier Engagement Channels and Dashboard – for companies wanting to upskill & influence positive change in their own supply chain.

You’ll be able to:

  • Reach people in your supply chain who can really make the difference
  • Share and get feedback on policies, targets, and emerging issues/risks
  • Review live insights into your supply chain performance
  • Recognise and reward proactive suppliers, while providing support and encouragement for those who need it most

2. Continuous Improvement Tool – for those wanting to make their own operations more sustainable, find, prioritise and act on the things you can do to make your business perform better.

You’ll quickly be able to:

  • get quick and easy access to peer validated know-how, data and solutions, precisely matched to your specific sustainability and efficiency challenges 
  • filter ever-growing lists of good practice
  • use data from other sites to understand and prioritise projects
  • talk to and visit people who have completed projects you’re embarking on
  • get help making the business case to secure investment

3. Collaborative Solution Sourcing Programs – for people up and down the supply chain to collaborate when new challenges arise. Going beyond existing solutions, the SMP helps share the costs, risks and outcomes of finding and implementing new solutions.

We’ll make it easy for you to:

  • Join forces with those trying to solve similar challenges
  • Reduce the cost of finding or creating the solutions
  • Challenge a pool of innovators and universities to help develop a solution
  • Work across-industries to bring new perspectives

Why 2degrees:

Our experience and understanding of how to create shared value at scale across supply-chains using digital collaboration platforms is simply unrivalled.

All of our experience, our industry connections, processes and goodwill are now being focused on building the Sustainable Manufacturing Platform, to create a unique, powerful tool and collaborative community that will help thousands of companies accelerate towards becoming, leaner, cleaner and more sustainable businesses.

Next steps:

The Sustainable Manufacturing Platform launches in January 2017 with a core group of pioneering businesses as founding partners and many of their manufacturing suppliers.

To find out more about the platform and the remaining opportunities to become a founding partner, email Oliver Hurrey or call +44 (0)1865 597640