Enable enhanced collaboration amongst colleagues from different operating companies.

Many large corporations, built rapidly through the acquisition of operating companies, struggle to make the most of their knowledge and capabilities, or to work as a single group. In this situation, managing risks, generating efficiencies and implementing group-wide policies in sustainability, HR, sourcing and so on, can be very challenging.

2degrees’ Internal Collaboration Solution combines technology, expert facilitation and program management to bring together colleagues from different operating companies to work together as a single team.

Our Internal Collaboration Programs can help you to:

Embed a collaborative ‘better together’ culture across your operating companies by quickly demonstrating the added value of working together as a group

Make best practice, normal practice by enabling colleagues from different operating companies to share the great things they are doing

Overcome operational challenges quicker by establishing subject and project-based ‘channels’ where colleagues can ask each other for advice, preventing ‘reinvention of the wheel’

Drive innovation by crowdsourcing new solutions as a group and making the most of those already present, but hidden, in different operating companies

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What our clients say

“Collaborative technologies… accelerate change by enabling ease of access to information, and the sharing of best practice. It’s not the only tool you need and it can’t just be an information dumping ground, which is what we love about 2degrees – they ensure content is interesting, relevant and easy to locate, but more importantly they work actively with those throughout our business to entice them onto the platform and then into the conversation. Engagement is a fundamental first step in our business’ journey to becoming Net Positive.” 

Richard Gillies, Chief Sustainability Officer and Director of Communications, Kingfisher