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Emerging Green Conference 2015: Electronics in a Circular Economy

Hosted by the Green Electronics Council, the 2015 Emerging Green Conference is the premiere international gathering of technology and sustainability leaders to discuss the advances, challenges and future of sustainable electronics. Taking place 22-24 September in Portland, Oregon, USA, Emerging G...

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UK Top 100 Law Firm achieve ESOS compliance

Preview of UK Top 100 Law Firm achieve ESOS compliance

High profile legal firm, Foot Anstey, have now met the obligation under the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), engaging IU Energy to ensure ESOS compliance was achieved well in advance of the deadline date of 5 December 2015. The scheme requires large undertakings – employing 250 staff or ...

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The changing attitudes to travel

A joined-up, cost effective company transport strategy can now help a business grow and reap rewards in many areas. This is not just financial but with regards to CO2 footprints, CSR values and, importantly, a mobilised and energised work force. Click here to read more

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Global trailblazers: How governments around the world are driving circular economy principles

Over the past decade it has become apparent that those setting public policy at a national, regional or city level, are stepping up and putting measures in place to help a sustainable economy flourish. From effective road management and sustainable public transport to zero waste and education pro...

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[Infographic] Six energy efficiency myths busted

Summer means barbeques, pool parties, and . . . high energy bills. This is expensive and annoying on a personal level; but for business, it can be downright damaging. Peak demand and high energy costs join forces to sweat the bottom line for businesses around the world. Many businesses have accep...

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Best in Class: Enterprise Sustainability

Preview of Best in Class: Enterprise Sustainability

Sustainability is on the minds of consumers, stockholders, and corporations. Some of the world's most prominent companies are advancing sustainability and other corporate social responsibility programs to the tops of their agendas. These global leaders teach us that regardless of their industry, ...

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Smart Cities: the clean air opportunity

Preview of Smart Cities: the clean air opportunity

Climate change mitigation and adaptation is becoming a significantly important aspect of the currently evolving new business model. Driven by the Millennial generation, demand for transparency and strong sustainable agenda as well as clear economic benefits of long term adaptation encourage busin...

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Art and heritage are key to creating strong cities that people want to live in

By the end of this decade, as many as 100 million Chinese people will migrate from rural areas to live in cities. According to China's State Administration of Cultural Heritage, more than 900,000 villages have disappeared in the last ten years. Its no wonder that high-rise buildings, huge street ...

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Traditional cities turning into Smart Cities in 2015

The evolution of cities in the past few years are leading to a change in the way citizens interact with urban services. This new model is based on responding to new challenges, to satisfy new necessities. Large cities and urban areas have always had a key role for the development of civilization....

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Can Formula E compete?

Did you get to watch any of the London ePrix over the weekend? Exciting stuff I thought! Here's a short video from Life Sized Media investigating the question ' can Formula E compete?'