72 innovators shortlisted in the first round of the RBS Innovation Gateway

We've had 141 high quality innovations submitted to the Gateway in the first round of evaluation and we'll be shortlisting 52% of the most exciting ones to the next stage.

Who made the Shortlist?

Having checked in with the innovators that they are happy for us to disclose their company names, I am pleased to share the final shortlist with you - here.

The Gateway’s Innovation Panel has been very impressed with the quality of the innovations submitted and felt that 52% (that's 72 innovations) were a potential fit for The Next 75% Challenge. Congratulations to everyone on the list!

I'd like to thank the Innovation Panel once again for their insight and support to assess the innovations.

What comes next?

We will be opening up the gates again for a second round of the RBS Innovation Gateway soon. I would encourage anyone who was unsuccessful in the first round, or those who missed the opportunity to submit to the first round to consider submitting their innovation.

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