Alternative Water Company (UK) Ltd Due To Announce Large Water User Special Projects

Alternative Water Company (UK) Ltd will be making an important announcement during the coming week(s) of specific interest to medium and large water users from all catergories of business located throughout the UK and Scotland.

The announcement will also be of specific interest to Energy Management Consultants, Energy Brokers, water management consultants and procurement managers who have clients that use large volumes of water in production for washdown, cooling, and use in product and who are interested in a unique, innovative,and environmentally approach to water supply outside of the standard regulated Water Retail Market, hence substantial savings will be made on the existing water supply arrangements

Alternative Water Company (UK) Ltd would be delighted to recieve expressions of interest in the Large Water User Special Projects announcement and launch prior to the announcement in the coming week(s) either direct from large water user clients or via Energy or Water Consultants acting on behalf of large water user clients though no specific details will be released until the announcement in a few weeks time

Please send your expression of interest to,