Another £14,000 A Year Water Bill Overcharge Claim Submitted To Severn Trent Water

This week our Water Bill Validation team identified a £14,000 a year overcharge on a water and waste water bill from  Severn Trent Water  the claim was submitted to Water Plus as Severn Trent Water and United Utilities have agreed a joint venture to operate in the Water Retail market claims for overcharges therefore must be submitted to the new joint venture business.

There are now 2 claims oustanding in respect of overcharging with a potential water bill rebate of nearly £200,000!

One of the most important aspects as far as businesses are concerned, 

Are that the water and waste water bills are correct, as with the recent deregulation of the Uk water industry more and more firms are placing water, waste water and trade effluent charges under the spotlight and finding that water bills paid in good faith over the years are in fact incorrect and most of the time the numbers can be quite staggering.

So what positive action can you take as a consumer to address the situation?

Water Bill Validation.

Our water bill validation service helps remove the complexity so you get clear sight of what you are actually paying for. With years of experience dealing with water supply companies, our specialist consultants can spot mistakes and discrepancies quickly and have a proven track record saving companies thousands of pounds in reduced costs and refunds.

What is water bill validation and how does it work? click here for details

Or watch the short video below.

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