Assessing the Impact of a Product: Which standard should I use? [Webinar Slides]

If you missed the webinar, "Assessing the Impact of a Product: Which standard should I use?" with Matt Fishwick, Consultant at ERM, a recording of the session is available here.

Over the last few months we have seen the release of two extremely important product carbon footprinting standards: the revised BSI PAS 2050 and the final version of WRI/WBCSD Product Life Cycle Standard. These join a myriad of existing standards and initiatives concerned with assessing the impact of products. 

All of this activity illustrates the large and growing interest in product footprinting, however it does mean that the choice of which standard to follow can be a difficult one. 

This webinar:

  • Compared the main differences between the current environmental footprinting standards/initiatives
  • Advised what these differences will mean in practice

Access the blog post highlighting questions asked during the Q&A session here.

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