The business benefits of switching to biomass and the crucial things you need to consider

For businesses considering switching over to a biomass heating system there are lots of decisions to make. Listen to this webinar to make sure you are asking the right questions.

Around 30% of the UK's energy needs are for heat alone. Biomass is a low-carbon option worth considering for many sites, including those with high heat demands for accommodation, swimming pools, commercial or process heat because it is available constantly. At this scale it is 100% sustainable, and with the current Renewable Heat Incentive many clients are seeing short payback periods on systems that will last 20-plus years.

There are lots of decisions to make for businesses considering switching over to a biomass heating system and once they are in place there are many ways to optimize them. Listen to this webinar to:

  • Discover the basics of wood-to-heat, typical applications and the type of sites that can benefit most from a biomass installation.
  • Learn the top things to consider before deciding on a fuel and the five things to ask a fuel supplier.
  • Hear how Treliske Hospital and the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust commissioned their biomass boiler and the lessons they learnt.
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