EcoBuild 2012 Highlights

With an almost overwhelming number of conferences, seminars, products, and people, EcoBuild -  the world’s largest event for sustainable design - has proven to be an event to be reckoned with. From general visitors to politicians, this event caters to a variety of sustainable interests.

With 2degrees on site, we’ll give you a look into the key topics and discussions that took place at this year’s conference.

EcoBuild 2012 Review

Redefining Sustainability and the Decline of EcoBuild

Is the UK on Course for Creating an Energy Efficient Property Sector?

Changing the Climate and Changing Behavior

The Great Future Energy Debate

Honey, the Relationship’s Gone Stale: Changing how we view energy

Rio 20 Years Later: Have we learned anything?

Did you attend EcoBuild this year? If so, why not share your experiences?