The future of reporting: How to build effective stakeholder dialogue to boost your CSR strategy

Already thinking about your 2015 CR report? Then listen to this roundtable discussion to get advice from Sky, M&S, RSA and Elaine Cohen on how to step up your stakeholder engagement efforts next year.

There’s increasing value to be extracted from really understanding, listening to and acting on feedback from the people that your sustainability programs affect. From driving innovation to increasing trust - building a meaningful dialogue is essential for creating competitive advantage and reducing risk for your company.

But many sustainability professionals struggle to move their engagement strategy beyond just a tick box exercise with the ‘usual suspects’, to deep, quality and lasting engagement with multiple stakeholders.

Listen in to this discussion with Rowland Hill, sustainability reporting manager at Marks & Spencer, Peter Collins, group head of CR at RSA, Rachel Depree, senior engagement manager at Sky and Elaine Cohen, CEO of Beyond Business to learn:

  • The challenges to creating a meaningful dialogue and advice on how to overcome them.
  • The tactics being employed by other companies to engage their stakeholders
  • What the future holds for stakeholder engagement.
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The results of the two polls are:

Please select the two questions you would most like covered by the panel

  • a. How do you measure ‘return on engagement’? ( 42%)
  • b. How do you get the right messages to the right people? (22%)
  • c. How do you effectively engage stakeholders to inform materiality? (49%)
  • d. How do you achieve deeper insight from your stakeholders more efficiently? (37%)
  • e. How can you make stakeholder engagement an effective on-going process, rather than just periodic? (54%)

Are you happy with how you measure the return on your stakeholder engagement?

  • a. Yes (10%)
  • b. No (71%)
  • c. We don't need to (16%)

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