How to improve your sustainable business rankings

Measuring sustainability can be challenging – not only for individual businesses, but also when comparing one company to another.

In a minute I’m going to share with you how behavioural change can make a big difference to your sustainability performance – and provide measurable results.

But first, when it comes to measuring which of the world’s top companies are already leading the field in sustainability, I watched with interest as the 2017 Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) was published last week.

The DJSI became the first index to rank sustainability performance of the world’s largest companies when it launched back in 1999. It’s expanded its assessment criteria considerably since then and is now considered the gold standard for ranking corporative environmental, social and governance today.

UK companies identified as industry leaders
Of the 2500 worldwide companies assessed, four UK-based companies made the ‘industry leaders’ board:
• Royal Mail tops the Transportation category
• InterContinental Hotels Group is number one for Consumer Services
• CNH Industrial leads Capital Goods  
• Pearson is first for Media companies

Clearly, the DJSI only looks at the largest global businesses who can invest lots of time, money and expertise focusing on all areas of sustainability.

Tangible results with limited resources
But for other businesses who still want to be more sustainable – and cut costs too, of course – how can you make changes that will deliver tangible results with far more limited resources?

We are often asked this question at npower Business Solutions – and we have a whole range of responses, depending on your type of business and where you are on your sustainability journey.

But a catch all for absolutely any business would be to address behavioural change. This can help you build a company culture where sustainability becomes second nature.  

However, while it’s well known that behavioural change can be beneficial, successfully achieving it can be a different matter.

Unique methodology for behavioural change
That’s why it’s been a key focus of ours for some time now – and what’s underpinned some unique methodology we’ve created in the pioneering field of Carbon Psychology.

We’ve produced a serious of e-books to provide an introduction to this hugely valuable approach. Our latest, and the last in the series, focuses on the financial benefits that behavioural change through Carbon Psychology can deliver.

Business Savings from Behavioural Change looks at:
• How much UK businesses can expect to save
• Which sectors have the most to gain
• Where and how to make savings
• Likely return on investment  
• How our Carbon Psychology approach saved one Tata Steel site £500k
• Top ten tips for implementing behavioural change

You can download your free copy from our Energy Know How portal at here

In case you missed it, there’s also an introductory guide: What is Carbon Psychology, which you also download here.

Plus another e-book which looks at some of the current evidence on behavioural change – click here to access your free copy.

No matter what your business size, if you’re looking to improve sustainability performance – and save money at the same time – then the field of Carbon Psychology and behavioural change is definitely worth exploring.

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