Identifying physical risks to business - Deborah Hemming, Tom Downing, Cecile Ortlieb

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Physicals Risks
11:30 - 12:30 Panel: Identifying the climatic risks that climate change presents to your business

The changing weather patterns of the past number of years have sharply focused business leaders on the real and present implications that global warming can have on their operations. This session will outline the key steps that organisations need to take to mitigate the impact of associated risks to their business.
• Identifying the key climate constraints on your business
• Reviewing the effects and costs of recent extreme weather events on day to day business operations
• Forecasting the weather patterns of the future to prepare now
• Managing scarce water resources

Dr. Deborah Hemming, Manager, Climate Impacts Analyst, Met Office
Thomas E. Downing, Director, Stockholm Environment Institute
Cécile Ortlieb, EMEA Sustainability Advisor, Kimberly-Clark Europe