IKEA partners with the Big Clean Switch

IKEA UK has partnered with social business the Big Clean Switch to give customers an exclusive tariff on 100% renewable electricity.

The scheme will use a ‘collective switch model’ to help customers save money on renewable electricity – typically around £300 for an average UK household, the Swedish firm says.

The website only list tariffs where the supplier can guarantee that 100% of the electricity sold is matched by electricity from renewables such as sun, wind and water.

“At IKEA, our commitment to sustainability goes beyond minimising the impact of our own operations to having a positive impact on the world around us,” said Hege Sæbjørnsen, Sustainability Manager at IKEA UK. “We want to provide our customers with innovative solutions that will help them live a more sustainable life at home and save money in the short and long-term. By partnering with the Big Clean Switch, we hope to make switching to renewable electricity simple, accessible and affordable to everyone.”

By 2020, the IKEA group pledges to produce as much renewable energy as the company consumes across its operations.

 Last year in the UK, Sæbjørnsen says renewable energy accounted for 41% of the energy the firm used. All new stores – and most of its existing ones – have solar panels installed.

 IKEA will receive commission on switches, which will be split amongst UK stores to support local community initiatives.