Just how rich are you sustainability professionals?

You’ll certainly feel richer after seeing these results.

If you earn £24,000 per annum, you are the 54,741,382nd richest person on earth

You may have read Acre’s latest stats on how much sustainability professionals are putting in their pocket each year. Did it make you feel rich? Or comparatively worse off than your peers? Here’s something to make you feel better and look at your wealth a little differently.

Step in the Global Rich List. Yes Richard Branson’s on it, as is Bill Gates – but so are you. Surprised?

Let’s take the average imbursement for a junior role. According to the survey, that is £24,000 a year.

According to the website that would make you the 54,741,382nd richest person on earth by income. If you’re not impressed yet, that puts you in the top 0.91%.

Here's a few more facts to put your earnings into perspective. In 1 hour you make £ 12.50:

· Meanwhile, the average laborer in Zimbabwe makes just £ 0.38 in the same time.

· It would take that same Zimbabwean laborer 32 years to earn your yearly salary.

· It’ll only take you 2 minutes to earn enough for a refreshing can of cola. If the average laborer in Ghana fancies one, they’ll have to work for around 7 hours for it.

· Your monthly income could pay the monthly salaries of 126 doctors in Kazakhstan .

And that’s just for a junior role. You can find out your own results here, but it would be great to know your thoughts.

Do these perceptions make you look at wealth differently?