Mango launches sustainable fashion collection

Spanish clothing company, Mango, is to launch a range of garments manufactured from sustainable and recycled materials as part of its company-wide sustainability drive.

Mango is following in the footsteps of fast-fashion competitors like H&M and Zara by making moves on the eco-friendly and ethical production front

Available from March, the Mango Committed collection comprises 25 women’s and 20 men’s garments made from environmentally-friendly materials. These include organic and recycled cotton, recycled polyester and Tencel, a fabric generated from wood cellulose, which are dyed with environmentally-friendly inks. All garments in the collection are manufactured in factories in Portugal, Turkey and Morocco, and have international certificates guaranteeing their sustainable origin.

The launch is part of the Mango’s Take Action project introduced last year which includes initiatives aimed at creating a business model based on sustainability criteria and more environmentally-friendly processes.

This includes incorporating eco-efficiency measures in stores to reduce environmental impact such as optimised air conditioning and lighting systems, and offsetting the CO₂ emissions associated with its offices and employee transport through projects close to its areas of influence.

The company participates in the Greenpeace Detox Project, which analyses the water from wet processes in the supply chain, in order to move towards the elimination of toxic substances. It is also developing an internal tool to calculate the company’s water footprint and identify the processes, garments and installations with the greatest water-saving potential, which will help it reduce its water consumption.

In late 2015, Mango also launched a project to collect used clothing and footwear at selected stores, which is recycled through the Koopera organisation.