Practical Energy Reduction through Employee Action Discussion

For those of you who missed our webinar on Practical Energy Reduction through Employee Action or those of you who had leftover questions, this discussion board is designed to give more information on the subject. Here are a few of the questions below:

  1. How do energy efficiency campaigns compare to safety campaigns?
  2. Have you quantified if it is cheeper to make savings through employees behaviour then through investment in newer and better equipment. Put it in another way: is the payback better on behaviour change?
  3. For a commercial facility, I didn't understand how to implement the awareness by floor, if the floors are not submetered. Moreover, generally the building have a central HVAC unit that will supply heating and cooling for the whole building. How would that meausure be subdivided by floors?
  4. For an industrial facility, how would awareness be implemented?
  5. I would like to ask Karen Deignan if has information on the application of these methodology in industries with high energy consumption (in process)? What was the result?

Feel free to add more questions and engage in the discussion.