Promoting the emergence of a sustainable, more ethical and just economy worldwide

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Ethical Markets Media is an independent media company promoting the emergence of a sustainable, green, more ethical and just economy worldwide.

Listen to this webinar recording to hear the company's founder, Hazel Henderson, speak about her work, her recent research and thoughts for the future. 

Click here to download Hazel's slides.

Video highlights

00:01:20: Introduction
00:03:42: Riding the tiger of change
00:07:53: Discovering the errors in economics
00:13:42: New science invalidating economics: Exogenous
00:15:59: New science invalidating economics: Endogenous
00:18:27: Global transition from fossil fueled industrialism to the solar age
00:22:23: Ethical Markets Media: Transforming Finance TV
00:24:16: Green Transition Scoreboard
00:27:28: Q&A session