Put your global sustainable business commitments on The Map

They say a problem shared is a problem halved. We also say that there is only "2 degrees of separation" from you and the solution or best-practice you need.


I'm delighted to share how you can shout about your global achievements on sustainable business and also identify those that have the same sustainable business commitments, in the same regions of the world (be it water in Ghana or social impact in Glasgow), that you can work with to reduce the time, effort and money to achieve the same objectives.

Stop. Collaborate and listen. 2degrees is launching the Global Collaboration Map.

What is it and who is it for?

In order to effectively and efficiently tackle the sustainable business issues and stresses that corporates face today, they must collaborate. It is evident that the global scale makes it difficult to locate potential collaboration projects and to identify the right partners to share the efforts with. With this in mind, 2degrees have designed The Global Collaboration Map. This tool aims to be a home for all the sustainable business achievements and priorities of major corporates, NGOs and consultants and the location of their focus or expertise.

When and where will it be shared?

2degrees intend to launch the first phase of the Map at the 2degrees Live: Supply Chain Summit (6th March in London) and to begin to recruit partners and collect data in Q1 2015. 2degrees intend to leverage our powerful, global network to couple the information you provide, with insight from NGOs and stakeholders operating at various level of supply chains and to then share and promote the Map globally through 2degrees (up to 120,000 page views per month and 45,000+ members) and via social media – reaching up to 250,000 others world-wide. The more that participate, the richer the insight and coverage will be.

How can you benefit?

The Global Collaboration Map can be extremely valuableto help you reduce cost & risk, encourage innovation and raise the profile of your achievements and commitments.

You will be able to know where the necessary resources and knowledge are available in the key geographies for your business and supply chain. We'll let you know when and where there are collaboration opportunities to share time and effort, in order for you to manage social and environmental risk and opportunity successfully, faster and at a lower cost.

Participating in this simple but ground-breaking project is easy, both in terms of time and resources required. The process is:

  1. 2degrees will provide a simple 3 question survey that will take a few minutes to be completed with the relevant information you choose to share.

  2. We will then analyse all the data and crunch this to produce the Collaboration Map of key sustainable business projects/commitments happening globally.

  3. On the day of the launch (6th March 2015), your company will then receive the insight of what opportunities exist for you to collaborate in different areas of the globe and with whom (providing they/you choose to reveal your identities), in order to lower your operational and/or supply chain risks and impacts. The cost of this report will be included in the delegate cost of the event (just £250 before the end of January). You will also receive alerts throughout the year should additional collaboration opportunities become available with other, new participants.

  4. On your approval, we will actively promote the Map and your achievements via our extensive channels and to thousands of senior sustainable business stakeholders and influencers world-wide.

Valuable, easy, safe to collaborate

At 2degrees we are aware of how delicate and sensitive some operational information can be. For this reason, we designed this to be as safeas possible for those corporations who want to participate. The more, the merrier.

Firstly, unless you say otherwise, the Map will report only general information about achievements and/or commitments your company is focusing in and their general location.

Secondly, there will be the possibility to submit information anonymously. This option will avoid your company logo appearing on the Map, but will allow you to still benefit from the private reports on possible collaborations, compiled by 2degrees, if you attend the 2degrees Live: Supply Chain Summit on the 6th March.

To simply participate in the map is free and you do not have to attend the event. However, only those that attend will receive the tailored insight. 2degrees has developed a series of further options for corporates, NGOs and solution-providers to support the project and add their thought-leadership. If you'd like to:

  • Profile your achievements and/or expertise

  • Find partners that can share the time, effort and resources to reduce cost and risk in your priority regions and/or issues

  • Help make sustainable business happen

Then get in touch to find out more about how you can take part. We have had commitments from a number of major corporates and sustainable business stakeholders that we'll be announcing soon, so you'll be in great company.

How the Collaboration Map will practically work can be summarised in 3 easy steps:

  1. Share your sustainable business achievements and/or priority commitments in your supply chains and/or operations globally (and their approximate locations).

  2. Receive insight and the opportunity to be introduced to those experiencing similar issues, in similar locations.

  3. Reduce cost and risk by collaborating with other corporates and/or NGOs that can share the burden and/or the insight you need.

The beauty is supposed to be in the simplicity of it but we would love to hear your thoughts and ideas about where we can take this and - in true 2degrees-style - it will be developed for the sustainable business community, by the community.

So, stop. Collaborate and listen. 2degrees is back with a brand-new invention. (Enough? Ok.)