Richard Gillies: Is he your 2degrees Leader of the Year?

Shortlisted in the 2degrees Champions Awards 2015

We’ve highlighted before on 2degrees how Richard Gillies has one of the best and toughest jobs in sustainable business. As group sustainability director for Europe’s largest home improvement business, Kingfisher, he has hardly had time to catch his breath since joining the company at the end of 2013 after spending the previous five years as director of Plan A at Marks & Spencer.

Gillies’ appointment is to deliver on Kingfisher’s Net Positive ambition, and turn the business into a restorative organization that makes a positive contribution to both people and planet. It requires a transformational shift that needs to happen across Kingfisher’s five operating companies – B&Q in the UK, Ireland and China; Brico Dépôt in France, Spain and Romania; Castorama in France, Poland and Russia; Koçtaş , a joint venture in Turkey; and Screwfix in the UK and Germany. But while the concept adheres to a need to positively impact on the environment and on people, it also means maintaining social responsibilities as an income generator, an employer and a tax payer.

As Gillies himself says: “It is a tough job because this is about business transformation.”