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Water company overcharging is on a grand scale and since water deregulation many thousands of businesses and organsations have been added to the list of those already overcharged.

The main water retail companies that are prolifically overcharging are Wave- Water Plus And Castle Water and if you think just because you Switch Water Supplier

That Water And Waste Water bills will be correct going forward then you would be wrong.

We are not having a "Pop" at the water retailers as some of our audience think far from it, the fact is we have a professional duty as Water Industry Experts in inform and educate and publish the facts and in our experience the numbers are mindblowing!

Never a week goes by when the Water Consultants at H2o Building Servicesdont identify a Water Company Overcharge and file a Water Audit Report to the client reporting overcharging coupled with an entitlement for a refund due to the overcharge going back years essentially representing a saving on the water bills going forwards, and if you think Switching Water Supplier will resolve issues such as incorrect water bills think again it wont and dont just take our word for it.

Again It might seem unlikely that a major water company in a regulated market could be overcharging customers, but the idea is not unsubstantiated. Between 2010 and 2015, British homes were overcharged by more than £1 billion according to regulator Ofwat, and the numbers for businesses are likely even higher.


Water companies don’t simply volunteer to pay back refunds if they aren’t asked. It’s up to you to determine where any overbilling has occurred and provide substantial evidence before they will give your money back to you.

First, you need to identify a trustworthy team of water experts with a proven history of results. They will analyse your water bills to determine any discrepancies and dig deeper to find the root cause of any extraneous charges. If you’ve never had an expert perform a Water Audit of your water bills before, there may be considerable issues to be addressed. Such errors are often difficult for a layperson to spot, but a consultant with experience in the field will have a clear idea what reasonable charges should be for a business of your size and industry


H2O Building Services are just the experts needed to identify and eliminate any business water overchargingfrom your firm’s bills. With over 30 years of direct experience in helping both small and large business clients reduce their water costs, you can be assured that your water audit is in good hands

H2O can help identify and request any water overcharging that may be owed to you by your water company. Give us a call or send us an email today to

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