Slashing Public Sector Water Costs Requires Innovation And An Alternative Approach To Water Procurement

Public sector water costs can be reduced by 20% – 30% by applying an alternative approach and innovation to water procurement contracts

The water retail market in England opens its doors to competition but with the very low margins in the water retail market larger users in the public sector will see little difference. Apply say 3% to a prison’s £400,000 water bill, it this worth the effort?

Now apply 20% – 30% now that’s innovation!

It will be the same scenario with a university £200,000 – £400,000 with say a 3% discount, again is this worth the effort ?

NHS hospitals are in the same situation, the public sector is in desperate need of savings but going down the same old water procurement road will not deliver the reduction on water bills that the public sector needs.The water retail market will not be able to deliver on water procurement discounts just by switching water supplier in the regulated water industry in Scotland or England, take it from the expert it cant. The margins between wholesale and retail in England at the moment are dire and for a good few more years to come and that the truth and that is not good news for public sector

So I have delivered the bad news, and having served the best part of 30 years in the water industry, an industry I am personally passionate about on the lead up to water deregulation I really wanted to make a difference

Applying my vast water industry knowledge, out of the box thinking, innovation, call it what you like I sought to disrupt a water industry that’s had it good for far too long. Taking the water companies on at their own game is just up my street. So a group of us got together and formed the very first national water supply company that no bodies every heard of for 12 months after launch!

Its called Alternative Water Company UK Ltd

Guess what, the water companies will not like us as we are not a regulated water supplier, we can offer water supply contracts at discount of 20% – 30% and that will cause the water companies pain!

So when the large public sector water users are looking at switching water supplier our details will not be held on the OFWAT website or the Openwater website, in fact not listed alongside the water retail companies at all as we do not have a water retail licence

Wait a minute, didn’t the government want to create innovation and competition in the water industry?

Sorry guys “water off grid” is happening and is the way to go, at least we will not be leaking millions of cubic metres of water on route to customers

Alternative Water Company UK Ltd leading the way to “off grid water supplies”

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