Top 25 Under 25: The one transforming India's textiles sector

Dhawal Mane, assistant manager of sustainable initiatives at Pratibha Syntex, is one of 2014's Top 25 Under 25s working in sustainable business. Here's why.

Conditioned to use what the family had sparingly from a young age, Dhawal Mane’s ‘Al Gore Moment’ came fairly late. As part of a research project, he was busy creating an open source carbon footprint calculator for the rather resource-intensive textiles industry in India. “It made me realise the endless possibilities,” he says.

Understandably, it was a proud moment in Dhawal’s career. The tool he had created received notable recognition from the influential think-tank The Energy & Resources Institute (TERI) in New Delhi, picking up TERI’s Most Innovative Research and the Most Commercially-Viable Research awards along the way. It is even available open source and continues to aid factories across India for free. You can download it here.

Today, Dhawal “looks after” sustainability at one of India’s largest vertical integrated textile and apparel manufacturers, Pratibha Syntex. He conducts workshops, engages teams to drive environmental performance, collaborates with industry coalitions to develop sustainability standards and facilitates the execution of the company’s sustainability strategy. It’s a pivotal role, he says, “that directly works towards aiding the managing director, providing me with an insight as well as the ability to help drive business towards becoming more sustainable”.

“Your trip to the UK representing cotton farmers showed all the key attributes to make a big impact in sustainability: Hard-working, knowledgeable and impeccably professional, the ability to communicate complex ideas in a simple and compelling way – all underpinned by a genuine belief and passion for positive change. We were all inspired by you. Adam Gardner, Fairtrade Foundation

For now, India is where Dhawal believes he can make the biggest difference, in a sector that is under pressure to ramp up its environmental credentials – “creating more awareness of sustainability in India and aiding the masses to be able to make more informed, sustainable choices”. It’s all about “acting on my dreams,” as he says in this video:

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