Top 25 Under 25: The one who does it all

Dee Wood, managing director,, is one of 2014's Top 25 Under 25s working in sustainable business. Here's why.

Dee Wood is probably the epitome of a sustainability pioneer. She sailed around the world for two years living in a boat she’d built with her father. They drove to Singapore and back from London by just getting on with it. “We used less carbon than if we'd have stayed at home by camping, eating locally and driving economically,” she explains in her submission. On their return, Dee took the logical next step: launching an online sustainability department store -

Karen Hayes at The Community Pool CIC sums it up nicely when she says, ItDoesTheJob (== Dee) does just what it says on the tin.” Though she co-founded with her father, the daily running is down to Dee – from managing the website, marketing and product testing to consulting with local businesses, running sustainability events and workshops… phew, it makes you sweat just thinking about it.

As many young people have experienced their parents pushing them out the door, suitcase packed for their first day of university in the genuine hope for better opportunities for their offspring in an uncertain economic climate, it might be of interest to know that Dee founded the company with no relevant qualifications, per se. “I’m not someone who believes that you need any certain qualifications for anything really – except for being a surgeon…” she says, before adding, “I’ve never had a ‘proper’ job.”

“She is a true entrepreneur, having the vision, drive, energy and commitment to set her business up in a volatile economic environment and helping inspire others with manageable ideas as well as providing a hugely versatile and efficient range of energy saving products through her eco-store ''. She is a true inspiration!” - Jeanne Holland Young, managing director, Holland Young PR Associates

Nevertheless, Dee has some high ambitions for the brand, wanting to be a nationally-recognized brand and a true influencer in the market by the decade’s end. But on a more fundamental level, she wants to integrate sustainability into the mainstream – after all, all the products featured on the e-commerce site have a sustainable feature as standard. Not only that, but there’s a high degree of integrity, as many of the products feature at’s Grade II listed HQ, and the ones that don’t, Dee would have if she needed it. “For example, there’s a floorboard stop-gap - we actually don’t have any drafts in our floorboards so we can’t use that product,” and she adds, “You can filter the products by ones we actually install ourselves.”

I think changing the consciousness of the UK market is a proper job, if ever I’d heard of one.

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