Top Sustainablity Stories of 2011 Round-Up

Many environmental news sites publish lists at this time of year with the best content and best news stories for 2011. I had a look through a few of these to see what the consensus seemed to be on the most important issues:

The things that stands out immidiately is that many of these stories involve some very large companies and organizations. That they take sustainability seriously is nothing (too) new, but it's refreshing to see so many of the stories involve not just announcing lofty sustainability goals, but reporting their progress - examples include Starbucks Misses Energy Consumption Goal, Succeeds on Renewables, Puma Reveals ‘World’s First’ Environmental P&L Results and UPS Boosts Mileage 40% with Prototype Plastic Delivery Vans.

At the same time though, there are also indications that sustainability reporting in particular is in need of some attention - consumers and suppliers becoming much more aware: The Rise of Urban Farming and Other Varieties of Sustainable Ag, Major Gaffes and Gaps Plague CSR Reports, Study Finds, Investors Blast 43 Firms for ‘Contradictory’ Climate Stance.

And in the world of clean-tech, there's been some large-name setbacks during 2011 including the bankrupcy of Solyndra and Google dropping energy projects - while at the same time renewable energy is surpassing fossil fuels for the first time in new power-plant investments.

Looking forward, I'll leave you with this piece on Top Corporate Sustainability Trends To Watch In 2012, and of course invite you to share your Top Priorities for 2012.