What do you need to embark on a career in sustainability?

Does the path towards a career in sustainability have its own character or personality? Does a sustainability professional need to have a specific talent and vision to embark towards this direction?

Being an entrepreneur, a person with a passion for the cause and who is aware of the current issues in the world, will definitely click on a career in sustainability.

Most professionals working in sustainability jobs have experience in other areas. It has been the combination of a variety of skills that has shaped a new language within organizations.

Companies are progressively looking for professionals with all-round business, academic experience and skills to lead change - be it from engineering, marketing, IT, or finance - the know-how of each professional in their area of expertise creates the change towards integrating sustainability into the business strategy.

Engaging a wide range of stakeholders in order to drive positive change with a long-term vision requires talent, requires being an excellent communicator and requires the capacity to develop prolific and dynamic professional relationships. The benefit and the value are in the accomplishment of creating a platform of sustainability advocates.

So, what does it take to embark in a career in sustainability? Where should a professional click to engage in a sustainability career?

Click on continuous learning

The sustainability professional has to empathize with the business of sustainability and fully understand the message that will drive, motivate and inspire sustainable actions. He or she has to participate in courses and attend conferences with the latest information on sustainability trends and issues.

The field of sustainability needs people who know the most accurate way to influence through knowledge.

Click on being an outstanding communicator

Convey a consistent message throughout the organization - where all the stakeholders need to understand the corporate sustainability message, the benefits for the company, the risks and opportunities of having a business strategy aligned with a sustainability one.

This requires the ability of a skilled communicator: a communicator who is able to concentrate complex issues and topics into clear, consistent and coordinated messages in order to convey the core message of the organization´s sustainability vision.

Click on being persuasive and the advocate of sustainability

Besides being a great communicator, obtaining collaboration and support from stakeholders is central in order to achieve your sustainability objectives, initiatives and programs. It takes being confident and savvy on the topic in order to motivate and engage stakeholders. Being a respectful advocate within an organization makes the difference.

Click on building networks

It takes a good communicator, a convincing advocate and a well-prepared professional to build internal and external partnerships. A sustainability professional has to invest in people because success in this profession requires teamwork and collaboration.

Click to inspire

Sustainability drives change. To inspire the world regarding the benefits of living in a sustainable world, is an asset, is a talent, and is a quality of a sustainability professional.

In short, to be an advocate of sustainability, to embark in a career in sustainability requires an entrepreneur, a person with a long-term vision, with excellent communication skills.

It takes a professional who is able to inspire other people in order for them to take a chance and embark on a new direction.

It just takes a click to engage in a career in sustainability.