Will women ever be paid the same as men in sustainability? Ladies earn £4,500 less than two years ago

Men’s salary is staying the same whilst women’s is dropping, according to the latest CR and Sustainability Salary Survey produced by Acre, Carnstone and Flag.

Should men and women be paid the same?

Men’s average salary has remained constant since 2012, whilst women’s has dropped by almost £4,500. And the salaries themselves continue the disparity: the global average for women is over 20% less than men.

These are some of the findings from the Salary Survey designed and delivered by Acre, Carnstone & Flag, which asked 1,200 respondents about aspects like gender split, satisfaction, and – of course – pay in the CR and sustainability sector.

More men than women are also grabbing the top bonuses

The reason behind the salary drop is the decline in women working in the higher salary brackets. Since 2012, the percentage of women earning £75-£100,000 has fallen from 14% to 9%, and those cashing in £100-£140,000 have also dropped.

Since higher salaries are associated with high bonuses, more men than women are also grabbing the top bonuses.

In terms of job titles, women are less represented in-house in senior roles (one third of Directors/Heads) and more highly represented at junior levels (about two thirds of Assistant/Team members and Advisors/Analysts). However, the gender split at the Managerial level is more equal.

The story is very similar for consultants. Less than 30% of female consultants are Directors/Partners, while women Consultants/Analysts make up a much larger segment. Like the in-house middle ground, the gender split at the senior consultant level is more equal.

Perhaps an interesting statistic is that in 2012, the gender split was actually in women’s favor, which has now reversed in favor of men.

Despite the average salary not increasing for either sex, the vast majority of respondents said they were either satisfied or very satisfied with their jobs, with a similar proportion recommending a career in the sector.

The full results of the survey will be unveiled at the results launch event this evening – 8 April 2014. The full report will be available here on 9 April 2014, so ensure you go back and download the full report #crsalarysurvey

What do you think – is it time for men and women to be paid the same? Let us know your thoughts below.