Women in Sustainability Professional Network: Oxford Hub

Come and connect with other values led, professional women for an evening of vibrant discussion, helping to explore whether there is an appetite in Oxford for a Women in Sustainability Professional Network Hub (Thu 1 February 2018 17:30 – 20:30 GMT).

From running the Network Hubs in Bristol and London, Women in Sustainability knows how powerful it can be when they bring female changemakers together.

Nothing against our male colleagues, but when men are not in the room, we women enjoy different conversations that allow us to quickly share our wisdom and experiences.

Through creating a safe, friendly space to explore ideas, issues and challenges, participants come away re-energised and inspired, full of new strategies and tactics that support them both professionally and personally.

With networks being a key source for successful collaboration as well as career progression, don't miss this fantastic opportunity to extend and strengthen yours!

Delivered in partnership with Oxford City Council's Low Carbon Oxford programme, come and join us over light refreshments as we explore how this community could help foster better collaboration and connections, as well as enabling you to flourish in your green career.

Who is this event for?

This event is for professional women (and those identifying as being a woman) working in careers or businesses that are building a greener, healthier and happier world. We take 'sustainability' to cover all three pillars - environmental, social and economic.

Women who attend come from private, public and charitable sectors; from a diverse range or organisations and companies, including resouces, waste, energy, transport, water, food, farming, communications, research, policy, campaigns, media, housing, retail, professional services, etc; from big corporates to sole traders and social entrepreneurs.

Who are we?

Women in Sustainability is the network for women working to create positive change for a sustainable world. Our mission is to enable professional women working right across the sustainability sectors to flourish in their career and businesses, through supporting them to connect, be inspired and grow.

WINS Oxford Hub Facilitator:

Coming from a background in sustainability, Thalia Carr now coaches in the sustainability sector to build strong, motivated leaders who are confident and work consistently and effectively to realise their potential to bring about significant change for themselves and their organisations.

Thalia also delivers team coaching to enable teams to be resilient, motivated and energetic.

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