Asda Sustain & Save Exchange

The Asda Sustain & Save Exchange (SSE) is an online group for Asda suppliers and colleagues, working together to improve operational efficiency & reduce environmental impact.

Asda Sustain & Save Exchange

Join 1300+ Asda colleagues & supplier partners inside the Sustain & Save Exchange (SSE), sharing ideas, contacts, and good practice to accelerate improvements in operational efficiency & reduce environmental impacts. Since 2013 members inside the SSE have helped each other save over £10m of energy, waste and water.

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Community Manager

Nick Donoghue

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We’ve seen benefits over all areas of our business. Involvement with Asda and this Asda programme has actually helped stimulate new ideas within our business.

This is certainly a great way of doing the right thing and generating financial savings.

Pete Ward – Deputy Chief Executive, Young’s Seafood Ltd

The Asda Sustain and Save Exchange represents a significant step in Asda’s supply chain strategy. The SSE is not just a project with a strong business case and direct paybacks to suppliers, it is a fundamental tool to support our mission to be Britain’s most trusted retailer.

Andy Clarke – CEO, Asda

I now know that I can contact my opposite in other companies and ask them a question, and they’ll answer it. And if they ask me a question, I’ll answer it. There’s no inter-company siloing, that’s gone; Asda’s Exchange has simply wiped that out. It’s a tool that I never thought would exist, but now it does exist it’s a tool I don’t want to lose.

Rick Lloyd – Chief Engineer, Stateside Food

Being in a small company, the benefits for me are being able to get information from the larger companies who have gone through similar things.

It’s definitely an easy way to find out information before you make costly mistakes, which is hard for us to make in a small business.

Caroline Ayears-Johnson – Technical Manager, Watts Farms

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Access over 1500 resources & case studies from other members. They cover anything and everything to do with efficiency, e.g. good practice condition monitoring; air compressor benchmarking; TACCP tips; employee engagement posters; and much more…


A new question is asked inside the SSE every other day. With hundreds of other members to call on in Engineering, HSE, Technical, Operations, Supply Chain & other roles, the chances are someone can help with a point in the right direction for any specific ask you have.


The SSE is powered by its members. Not only is it a great way to celebrate the improvements you're making, but by occasionally adding your input to a question or sharing a project summary, together we build a joint wealth of knowledge to support each other.