The GSK Supplier Exchange is a members-only, non-competitive and free platform for GSK suppliers to engage directly with GSK, experts and peers to build trust and improve environmental performance.

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We understand that many companies are tackling similar challenges and for us all to succeed we recognise that effective collaboration across our supply chain is key. The GSK Supplier Exchange is a new venture for GSK and we have set it up as a private, non-competitive space for GSK suppliers, to help drive continuous improvement through collaboration and innovation.

David Lynch – Head of Engineering & EHS, Global Manufacturing & Supply, GSK

As this is a technical based forum, it gives us the opportunity to participate in chemical, engineering and environmental based discussions with a much wider audience than we have had previously. I think this is an excellent initiative that should stimulate far more innovation and technical engagement between GSK and your supply chain than we have ever seen before.

Neil McIndoe – Market Sector Manager - Energy and Chemicals, BOC Gases

More than a third of our carbon footprint lies in our supplier base. So working together with our suppliers to reduce the carbon impact of our supply chain is a real priority for GSK. We've created the GSK Supplier Exchange as a one-stop shop for us to collaborate and innovate directly with our suppliers to drive supply chain sustainability.

Claire Lund – Head of Non Inventory Procurement, GSK