Vibrant Sheffield Community

Join the growing community of business leaders, creative brains and community influencers who are helping to shape a Vibrant Sheffield economy to enhance the Sheffield city region for decades to come.

City Centre Tech Hub

Expand the tech hub and capabilities in the city centre. Open branches across the Sheffield city region to foster a tech culture.

StartUp Rates Relief

Attract in startup businesses by offering special relief in rates and taxes in the first 3 years. Foster a startup culture in Sheffield.

Link Up Schools, Universities And Businesses

Create aspirational pathways for young people through matching up education and business to create mutually beneficial partnerships.

Pedestrianise The City Centre

Create a Café Culture. Encourage areas of public debate in open spaces and offer public lectures from the University in the street.

Mentoring Scheme For People Aged 16-20

Provide support and guidance to give young people a greater range of opportunities. Consider apprenticeships for all ages.

Become A Cycling City

Turn Sheffield into a cycling city. Have bicycle lifts for cyclists, a bike letting service, cycle points across the city, and many cycle lanes.

Sheffield Pound

Create a local currency for the Sheffield city region. Use this Sheffield Pound for local spending and trading.

One Card, All Transport

Create an oyster card for the Sheffield city region to include trams, buses and trains.

Young Person’s Live Lab

Give young people an opportunity to collaborate and network at a live lab – include the discover, dream and design format but for a young person’s point of view.